AFT-03 Fuel Biocide

AFT-03 Fuel Biocide is a broad spectrum microbiocide used for the control of biological
growth in fuel oil system. It prevents biological attack in fuel oil and water systems.

AFT-14 Vanadium Conditioner

AFT-14 Vanadium Conditioner is specially formulated to combat exhaust valve burning and erosion problems, associated with sodium and vanadium contamination of poor quality heavy residual fuels.

AFT-15 Fuel & Sludge Conditioner

AFT-15 Fuel & Sludge Conditioner is a highly effective blend of dispersants, stabilizers, hydrocarbon solvents and sludge dissolving agent.

AFT-16 Combustion Improver

AFT-16 Combustion Improver is a blend of special corrosion inhibitor, solvents and organo-metallic compounds.

AFT-17 Lubricity Improver

AFT-17 Lubricity Improver is a specially designed lubricity improver for Gas Oil, Diesel Oil and Middle Distillates.

AFT-58 Soot Cleaner

AFT-58 Soot Cleaner is an effective, dry powder compound specially designed to remove fireside deposits in diesel engines and boiler exhaust systems. Removal is accomplished at a controlled rate which permits burning to take place without the hazards of soot fire.