APEX SMITH 99 is suitable to clean after all annex 2 cargoes. It is specially developed to clean CPP, CPO and works wonderfully as an IGS remover.


APEX-128 METAL BRITE XTREME is a concentrated acidic liquid cleaner containing phosphoric acid, wetting and penetrating agents, which is miscible with water in all proportions. It contains a biodegradable surfactant and penetrating agent which easily penetrates oxide deposits and oily films on metal surfaces.

Apex-182 Passive Clean

APEX-182 PASSIVE CLEAN is based on nitric acid and non-ionic surface-active substance.

Apex Smith 88

APEX SMITH 88 is specially formulated for the removal of soot deposits, medium – heavy oil contaminations.

APEX-550 Seaclean Voyage

APEX-550 SEACLEAN VOYAGE is a concentrated emulsifying cleaner and degreaser for the removal of deposits after carrying mineral oil-based cargoes.

APEX-5 Multipol

APEX-5 MULTIPOL is a non-acidic, non-caustic biodegradable cleaner with a pleasant lemon scent. Non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for use in almost any surface. It penetrate and remove light oil from all surfaces rapidly.


APEX-418PH ALKACLEAN HD(Potassium) is an alkaline and biodegradable general purpose cleaning solution. It can be used with almost every method of cleaning and will effectively and safely clean any surface fast.

APEX-418 Alkaclean HD

APEX-418 ALKACLEAN HD is an alkaline and biodegradable general purpose cleaning solution. It is used for removal of vegetable and animal oil residues in cargo tanks.

APEX-304 Chlor Clean

APEX-304 CHLOR CLEAN is a concentrated liquid, formulated for disinfecting tanks. It may be used to eliminate bad odours in tanks.